How to Make a Webpage

1) Decide the theme of your page. Will it be one that tells people about you and/or your family? One that is dedicated to a favorite band, or actor, or cause?

2) Decide the layout and design of your page, including colors, pictures, movies, or audio files, links, etc.

3) Code the page in html. Also Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Word, Adobe's Page Mill and Page Maker, Netscape and most free website hosts all have html editors that will take you step by step in making your webpage so that you don't have to know html. There are books that will help you learn html. Idiots guide to HTML, the Dummies guide to HTML, and SAMMS Teach Yourself HTML. Community Colleges. Parks and Rec. Departments, and school districts sometimes have classes on how to make a web page. There are alot of sites to help you with this also. 


lissa explains all


Here are some other useful sites that have advice and things to help you make your webpage.'s Style-o-matic

Javascript Goodies

Jelane's Free Web Graphics

Badger's Animated Gif Gallery

Every Thing Icon

Brian Livingston's


The Free Site!  




Nice things to put on your website are your e-mail address, a guestbook, a counter, some way that people can recommend your web site. Maybe even things like an online journal (diaryland livejournal blogger)and a mailing list ( notifylist topica yahoo groups)  Pictures are good too. (picturetrail yahoo photos)To get more information on how to make a web page go to free web hosting and design services. Also, check out the American Library Association's Receipe for a Great Web Site.

4) Once you make your webpage you need to find a place that will host it. Most isp's will host sites for free and there are places like Geocities that will host your site for free. They limit you as to how big your site can be.

Yahoo's free web pages section  

5) After you choose your web server upload all your files. You can you an FTP program or most free websites let you upload via their website. You can also get a virtual domain.v3. You can also purchase your own domain

6) After you have you're website up and running you'll want to get people to visit your site. One easy way to get people to your website is to go to each major search engine and submit your website using their form. 

A list of search engines

Also join some webrings

For more advice on how to make a webpage go to smartcomputing's Web Tools article.

In addition to HTML, there are other computer languages that web pages can be coded in to do different things. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) helps format web pages. You can do different things like counters etc. with Java and JavaScript. Go to webmonkey for a good tutorial on html, css, java, and javascript.

Having your own website can be fun and rewarding. Enjoy! for other resources on how to make websites.

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